Navigating Abundant Retirement

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We help navigate the financial seas so you can get on with living!


Therefore, finding conventional and alternative routes to achieve our clients' goals.

Don't Become Another Statistic

Take a stand against what threatens your retirement

Current National Debt

A Federal Reserve Survey reports...

  • The average American feels they need to save $1.9 million for retirement.

  • 4 in 5 Americans lack the necessary retirement planning to create a secure income.

  • The average retired couple will need an estimated $300,000, post-taxes, to pay for health care expenses — not including long-term care.

  • 96% of retirees are losing out on $111,000 of potential social security income due to common mistakes.

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Carol Dewey

Fiduciary Advisor | Speaker | Author | Podcast Host | Family Values

"We get up every morning to help families build protection, safety, and stability into their finances."

Let us help you integrate all the pieces of your financial plan into one cohesive plan that includes considerations for debt-reduction, college savings, tax mitigation, market volatility, Social Security optimization, and estate planning.

We work with strategic partners such as CPAs and estate planning attorneys to ensure that your financial plan is fully optimized and represents your family's values and objectives.

The Perpetual Wealth Navigation Solution

Our Unique Process To Give You Clarity About Living An Abundant Retirement


We start with a conversation. This time together is designed to get to know YOU! Helping us identify where you are and where you want to go.


We work to create a strategy that shows a step by step plan on how to reach your goals. We gather all the pieces of your financial puzzle together under one unified plan.


We walk through each step with you, providing guidance and advice as you move closer to your financial goals! And just like a home is built in a specific order, so is your wealth blueprint.

Download the Perpetual Wealth Navigation Workbook

Financial security is a hot topic for seniors in America, and there are many potential risks that could present themselves to those without adequate financial footing. For this reason, it's important not just how much you have but also where your money comes from when retirement begins.

Everything We Do Is Guided By Four Principles


Building your roadmap for success starts by gaining clarity on where you are and where you want to go.


Optimize your cash flow and reduce unnecessary losses to accelerate your wealth faster than you ever thought possible.


Build the habits of financial success to ensure you don't just create wealth, but can protect it and enjoy it for life.


Financial independence is created by the money you work for. True wealth is created by the money that works for you.

Protect Your Family Legacy From The Uncertainties Of Tomorrow

It is time to become financially independent from

market volatility, inflation and government legislation!

  • Break FREE From Rising Taxes

  • Enjoy The Freedom of Diversification

  • Pass on More Wealth to Your Heirs


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