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Financial Planning And Investment Management For Doctors, Dentists And Healthcare Professionals

From Residency Through Retirement

From Residency Through Retirement


Although we do not limit our practice to medical and dental practitioners, we have unique interests and experience in working with them, from residency through retirement. Due to the extensive educational requirements of physicians and dentists, you have a shorter time span to achieve financial independence. As a result, tax-advantaged strategies should be considered, as normal retirement accounts alone may not be enough to get you to your ideal retirement.

The medical profession is an extremely rewarding career path. Financial planning for medical professionals is unique given that many who operate in the field are also business owners, creating a responsibility for their own financial future, as well as, the livelihood of their staff, and the success of their practice. This dynamic compounds with issues of managing what are often times higher levels of debt, but provides opportunities to design and implement financial strategies with a higher degree of control. At Perpetual Wealth we can assist in navigating these complex scenarios. 


You’ve reached a point in your career where retirement crosses your mind quite a bit more than it used to, and typically that is followed by the insecurity of not knowing whether you’re prepared for it financially. It’s a natural progression, and one that Perpetual Wealth has addressed numerous times throughout our history. You’ve worked hard to enjoy your retirement, and we want to help ensure that any worry, stress, or uncertainty that you may have about retirement becomes an afterthought, with a financial plan tailored to your goals and timeline.

The connections and passions you have established outside of the medical community have afforded you the opportunity to contribute generously to organizations that need it most, enriching the greater community around you. Your retirement marks the beginning of a new chapter, whether it’s right around the corner or a number of years away. Perpetual wants to help you prepare for it.


Whether you’re just ending your residency or have been practicing for years, one of the most important aspects of being a doctor is identifying and addressing the needs of each patient on an individual basis. Working toward making patients feel truly cared for is a critical piece to the puzzle, and that type of care should be applied to your financial well-being too. Self-care sometimes can be the most difficult, which is where Perpetual Wealth can step in to help you identify and address your financial needs. Perpetual Wealth has a long history of serving the medical community and, with that experience, has developed an evidence-based approach to provide you with a high probability for financial stability. With no hidden fees or additional costs, we’re always working with your best interest at heart, aiming to increase your bottom line, not ours. 


Planning for your future as your career continues to take shape can involve a number of moving pieces. Our highly trained team understands that while you may be early in your career as a doctor, you need someone you can trust to help you plan for the future. That could mean planning for a child’s education and future, creating good retirement savings habits, or paying down debt. Perpetual Wealth appreciates that everyone has their own unique financial needs, goals, and desired outcomes. We understand the nuances of the transition from earning your medical degree into your residency program. We can be a resource and ally as you set goals for repaying debt while also making sound investments and financial decisions. Setting up manageable goals can be the key to successful financial management.

Dental Practitioners

Dental Practitioners

Dentists have many financial opportunities and concerns on the individual and business level. Our experience has shown us that most practitioners do have a significant interest in their financial issues, but many are just too busy to take the time to learn what they need to know.

During your extensive training program, you focus on your dental courses, but few programs offer any curriculum on starting or running a dental practice. Most dental professionals finish their training with the goal to end up in private practice or a partnership.

You will fill many roles, being self employed or a partner in a practice. With that in mind, surrounding yourself with the right advisors is crucial to your success.

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