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Understanding 1031 | 1033 | DST Tax-Deferred Exchanges

What is a 1031 Exchange?

For investors, a 1031 Exchange may provide an effective tax strategy for tax deferral as part of succession and estate planning. Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 provides that “No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment if such property is exchanged solely for property of like kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment”.

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What is a 1033 Exchange?

Internal Revenue Code Section 1033 governs the tax consequences when a property is compulsorily or involuntarily converted in whole or in part into cash or other property. This is commonly referred to as an “involuntary conversion” since the loss of property is beyond the control of the taxpayer and realize gain because the insurance or condemnation proceeds exceed the owner’s tax basis in the property. Section 1033 does not require a Qualified Intermediary (QI). In a Section 1033 Exchange, the taxpayer can receive the sales proceeds and hold them until the replacement property is purchased. If not all the proceeds are used towards acquiring the replacement property, the taxpayer is taxed on the difference. In addition, replacement property cannot be acquired from a related party.

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What is a Delaware Statutory Trust?

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a distinct legal entity created under Delaware law that permits fractional ownership of real estate assets that may be used in a 1031 Exchange. However, to use a DST in a 1031 Exchange syndication program, it must comply with the requirements of IRS Revenue Ruling 2004-86, so that a beneficial interest in the trust is treated as an undivided fractional interest in real estate for federal income tax purposes (as opposed to a security or other prohibited interest under Section 1031). An Exchanger can defer taxes by investing in a DST rather than in a whole property.

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